1. dialogicdesign

    Ken, as I look at the Club of Rome website I see that they include Mesarovic Mankind at the Turning Point as the 1974 “Second Report to the Club of Rome” http://www.clubofrome.org/?p=1168 . I do not see the Problematique any more. I had it bookmarked to the old site, and they removed it from their history. I think one of our Board should help them restore that history.

  2. jmcdonald

    Dear Ken,

    My warmest congratulations of your launching of this blog. I joined the board of USA-COR in 1985, and until recently, was chairman of the board. I am a strong backer of the Club of Rome and a friend of Mr. Peccei.

    With warm regards,

    Ambassador John W. McDonald (ret.)
    Chairman and CEO
    Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy
    (703) 528-3863

  3. tomflanagan

    Ken, I was struck by the frequency with which participants at the event spoke of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Even without being present on the stage, their voice was alive within the audience.