The Agoras Institute sponsors independent and closely-aligned projects around the world.  Significant current projects  include the ongoing dialogues for Cyprus reunification, transformation of educational policy and practice in Michigan, and multiple training and advising programs worldwide. The Institute for 21st Century Agoras also coordinates virtual Co-Laboratories for multi-perspective understanding of significant socio-political concerns, such as the challenges to the then-new Obama administration’s attempt to facilitate and sustain a true grassroots response to the vision for a more participatory democracy.

We describe several of these projects as stories and media presentations as follows.

Obamavision – A Global Co-Laboratory: Anticipating the Challenges to Bottom-Up Democracy

Universal Design for Learning

A collaborative learning project focused on the local level of learning, dedicated to student success by utilizing effective Teaching-for-Learning practices. The UDL process supports teachers and administrators in frequent, continuous, and increasingly disciplined and authentic dialogue that leads to changed practice.

Video of Aleco Christakis discussing the project.